L I C H T E N S T E I N . A R T I C L E S

'Is He the Worst Artist in the U.S.?', Life Magazine January 31, 1964


Roy Lichtenstein Interview. Originally recorded in January 1966 by David Sylvester in New York City for broadcast by BBC Third Programme.The interview was reedited for publication in 1997 for David Sylvester's "Some Kind of Reality".

'Special Report: The Story of Pop !', Newsweek April 25, 1966.


'The ironic Lichtenstein who takes soulful subjects and paints them with cool' by David Sylvester, American Vogue September 1969


'Roy Lichtenstein at the Met', Excerpted from Michael Kimmelman's "Portraits, Talking with Artists at the Met, The Modern, The Louvre and Elsewhere".from a interview done for the New York Times


Roy Lichtenstein Interview, Excerpted from David Sylvester's "Some Kind of Reality".Originally recorded in April 1997 in New York City.