Roy Lichtenstein and his studio staff consistently accumulated contemporary documentation about his art, commissions, editions, and exhibitions. The data archive and reference library were donated by the Estate to the Foundation in 2002 The Foundation continues adding to this comprehensive consultative library and full documentation of the artist's life work. This includes studio records, studies, maquettes, collages, sketches, sketchbooks and drawings, catalogues, source books, studio photographs, installation photographs, portrait photographs, relevant films, video, audio tapes and oral histories, as well as other materials related to the creation and production of his art. The Foundation’s comprehensive relational database (Gallery System) is accessible through direct consultation at the Foundation office and will be, increasingly, on-line. We hope that this information will inspire new research and publications by distinguished art historians as well as by new generations of artists, critics, and writers. As the Foundation adds to its current websites (www.lichtensteinfoundation.org; www.imageduplicator.com), we hope the design will provide ready access to individuals searching for information about the Archives, as well as Roy Lichtenstein’s biography, bibliography, exhibition history, and other related and current art publications, installations, and exhibitions.