C A T A L O G U E . R A I S O N N É

Since its beginning, the Foundation has been systematically incorporating all Roy Lichtenstein studio records, dealer and auction records and any other source materials to compile the comprehensive catalogue raisonné of the artist’s work. This catalogue will illustrate every confirmed work and publish all known paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, commissions and other artwork by Roy Lichtenstein. The artist produced approximately 5,000 works during his lifetime [not counting the full edition runs of prints or multiples]. The earliest works date from c. 1940 and the latest, 1997, plus a limited number of posthumous sculpture casts and prints.

The Foundation has contracted distinguished art historians as independent researchers. They and the Foundation staff, centralized through the Foundation’s Catalogue Raisonné Manager and Researcher, Andrea C. Theil, continue to amass baseline information for all known Lichtenstein works.

In alphabetical order, the currently active art historians outside and staff researchers are:

Kate Aspinall, M.A., London
Clare Bell, B.A., New York [RLF Staff]
Avis Berman, M.A., New York
Andrea Foggle Plotkin, Ph.D. (ABD), Boston
Andrea Theil, Ph.D., New York [RLF Staff]

Previous active researchers have been: Karen Bandlow; Eileen Doyle; Alison Green; Sarah Lowe; Justine Price; Julie Reiss; Susan Solomon; Yolande Trincere; Nadia Tscherny, and Laural Weintraub.

We are arranging all works chronologically inclusive of all media, and the catalogue raisonné will incorporate provenance, physical details, inscriptions, preparatory studies and new biographical, bibliographical and documentary information, as well as studio process and other contemporary photographs.

Concerning the prints of Roy Lichtenstein, in June 2002, an updated and revised catalogue raisonné of prints was published in association with the National Gallery of Art and Hudson Hills Press, authored by Mary Lee Corlett and Ruth Fine. This print and multiples information will eventually be incorporated into the Foundation’s inclusive catalogues. But to avoid redundancy, the Foundation is not currently pursuing print documentation.

N.B. The first publicly accessible presentation of the basic artwork information is on the Foundation’s special website: www.imageduplicator.com. This is a so-called electronic “oeuvre catalogue.” Using our relational database [GallerySystems/The Museum System], the Foundation plans to publish the entire Roy Lichtenstein catalogue raisonné on the web. Beyond that there may be a multi-volume, printed publication of this material but our primary energies are currently directed to imageduplicator.com.

Thank you for your assistance in this definitive and important project.

The Board of Directors, Roy Lichtenstein Foundation